From an Ardwick Ghost Kitchen to the Arndale Market: PANC's 100% Plant-Based Burgers, Rainbow Hot Dogs & Desserts

Taking over the former Salt & Pepper stall inside the Arndale Market, PANC will provide easy-going, plant powered dining.

By Emma Davidson | 23 June 2022

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Joining the Arndale Market’s array of independent eateries, Ardwick’s PANC will fit perfectly into the street food centric space – bringing with it plant-based burgers, hot dogs, desserts and loaded fries. 

Beginning its journey as a remote ghost kitchen, PANC is now at the top of its game, with a takeout restaurant in Ardwick, as well as pop-up stalls at various events and festivals across the UK. 

As many larger chains jump on the vegan trend, PANC can confidently remain uniquely independent, as no one is currently doing vegan like these guys are. 

Its burger buns come in a satisfying range of bold colours, which are made using entirely natural ingredients including spinach, charcoal, raspberry and orange and each dish is topped with PANC’s speciality homemade sauces. 

At its brand-new Arndale Market stall, PANC will reinvent its menu adding some never-seen-before items alongside its best sellers. The restaurant is also launching a sister dessert restaurant called ‘Yum Yum’ that will open next door to PANC and serve a menu of delightful vegan desserts.  

On its current menu you’ll find dishes such as the Bacon BBQ Cheese Burger, the Gar-Licker Burger and Pickle, Spicy and Classic ‘Dawgs’. It also serves boxes of Fried ‘Chick’n’, kebabs and a huge variety of loaded fries, topped with vegan bacon, grilled sausage, cheese and chick’n. 

Taking to Instagram, the business said: “Such an emotional feeling watching PANC South Side go from just a dream to actually coming to life. We are so happy with how the build is going and can’t wait to meet you all at our Manchester Arndale site in a few weeks time!”

PANC also made an appearance at the Manchester Christmas Markets last year and left a huge impression on visitors who were blown away by its vibrant and tasty plant-based alternatives to everyday junk food. Founder Hannah is looking forward to getting back to face to face business, as the current site in Ardwick is delivery and collection only.

There’s still no confirmed open date for PANC’s new space at the Arndale Market, but keep an eye on its Instagram page for further updates. 


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