Gin & Tarts - the perfect combination from Didsbury Gin

Didsbury Gin has created a new flavoured gin to reflect the city’s heritage with a new spirit which tastes like the Manchester Tart.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 May 2019

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The new gin, has been created to taste like the Manchester Tart with flavours of raspberry, vanilla, coconut and Maraschino cherry to reflect the traditional English baked tart sweetness.

Didsbury Gin Manchester Tart Gin will be a limited edition flavour, and will initially be available exclusively via The Gin Club by 31 Dover, a subscription service which brings ginthusiastic consumers innovative and exclusive premium, high quality gins each month.

There will then be a small number of the limited edition bottles of the new flavoured gin available on the Didsbury Gin website exclusively for Manchester Day which this year falls on Sunday 23rd June.

The Manchester Tart Gin can be served neat over ice, or with tonic garnished with raspberries or cherries for a refreshing summer tipple.

With Brits spending more than ever on their alcohol collections, many choosing artisanal products over cheaper own brands, the focus this year remains on gin. A record 73m bottles of gin were sold in 2018, with this year set to be no different.

The craft Didsbury Gin combines traditional artisan methods and infusing modern botanicals using a blend of hand peeled fresh citrus, British roots and hand cracked juniper berries. The result is clean, crisp & zesty – good enough to drink neat, perfect with tonic and delightful in cocktails.


Manchester Tart Gin from Didsbury Gin

Date: Available from Sunday 23rd June

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