Have you got what it takes to try the HOTTEST wing challenge in Manchester?

The Hot Wings Challenge is pretty much impossible - but that doesn't mean there's not people out there who want to give it a try!

By Ben Brown | 10 January 2020

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Okay so it’s not totally impossible – there’s been quite a few absolute mad heads who have completed it but seeing as I’m a complete soft-arse and couldn’t even handle ONE wing – I’m going to assume these people are freaks.

So what is the Hot Wings Challenge? Well, it’s your chance to show your true worth in life by eating 10 fucking mentally HOT wings in 10 minutes. Sound easy? Well you should get down to Bunny Jackson’s ASAP and give it a go!

For only £10 you get 10 of their Hotter than the Sun Wings, a pint of cold milk (for the pain), a winner or loser t-shirt and your picture on their wall.

It’s available to do any time they serve wings between 5pm and 10pm every day – so why not get some hairs on your chest and give it a try?


The Hot Wings Challenge

Venue: Bunny Jackson’s
Date: Every Day
Time: Between 5pm and 10pm
Cost: £10