Gunpowder Potatoes, 24 Inch Pizzas and the Best Things We Ate and Drank Last Week

Plus a breakfast fit for The King...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 14 October 2020

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The Elvis Breakfast
The Bay Horse Tavern
Elvis Prestley was a very talented man. He was also a greedy bastard. Women, money, shiny things, prescription drugs and food – he wanted it all and because he was The King – he got it all. Before he embarrassingly died whilst having a shite, he was a particular fan of a certain breakfast food which sounds mad but is actually delicious. Well, as part of their new Breakfast/Brunch offering, The Bay Horse Tavern have created an Elvis ‘Sandwich’ – fried banana, bacon, peanut butter and maple syrup on a croissant. Heart attack? Perhaps. Tasty? Definitely!


The Ottö-Men Vegetarian Mezze
Stretford Food Hall // The Ottö-Men
The Otto Men have been at Stretford Food Hall this week and as a little pre-moving out of Stretford treat we popped down for a few pints and a taste of their delectable Mezze Plate. You get a mound of different Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes and delights, including some bloody lovely fried halloumi, falafel, a load of things that I can’t pronounce or type correctly (but were mega) and a hearty slice of their ‘Sexy Pie’ filled with confit spiced vegetables, grains and fruits wrapped in fresh Armenian filo with za’atar and pomegranate glaze.


Crazy Pedro’s 24 Incher
Crazy Pedro’s
This week has seen the introduction of the biggest pizza in the city – a monstrous 24 inch creation from the team over at Crazy Pedro’s. Naturally we went down to get involved and see what they’ve come up with and we were very impressed indeed. They’re initially available only as Margarita or Pepperoni, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. They’re £24 quid each and there’s enough here to feed the entire contents of a Citroen Picasso. That’s about 5 people in case you’re wondering. Or 4 people and two dogs.


Crispy Duck Pad Thai
Thai Corner
One of the Finest team recently moved to an island in Bury somewhere, complete with moat, drawbridge and a team of archers perched on the ramparts should any undesirables wish to get too close. As a result he’s been slowly getting to grips with Bury town centre and this week uncovered a lovely hidden gem in the form of Thai Corner on Bury Market. He went for the Crispy Duck Pad Thai and the Sweet Chilli Chicken and was suitably blown away with how good it was. If you find yourself in Bury buying some black pudding – swing round and give them a try.


Gunpowder Potatoes
I was talking to a young man this week who described his visit to Dishoom. Anyone who has been to this outstanding Indian restaurant on Bridge Street will understand that the feedback he gave me was excellent. In particular, he noted that his Gunpowder Potatoes were “up there with sex”. And I’m inclined to agree wholeheartedly with him on that one.


Classic Reuben Sandwich (+ chips)
Tariff & Dale
Easily one of the best Lunch Deals in the city centre, Tariff & Dale are offering a main, a side and a drink for just £6.50! How good is that!? You can choose from a selection of Sourdough Sandwiches, a Bone Marrow Beef Burger, a few salads and some beautiful looking pizzas. I (obviously) chose a butty, going for their classic reuben with pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. It’s was proper good and tasted that little bit better knowing I was getting it for so cheap.


Biscoff Hot Chocolate
19 Cafe Bar
19 Cafe Bar must go through thousands of Biscoff Biscuits every single week – and with good reason – they’re fit and everyone loves them. There was once a time when I was actually addicted to Biscoff Spread, waking myself up in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness to sneak to the cupboard and get my fingers in the jar. Anyway, back to the present and 19 Cafe Bar are offering up this amazing Biscoff Hot Chocolate as one of their specials. You definitely need to go and get it.


Giant Yorkshire Puddings & Cauliflower Cheese
Don Giovanni
Providing authentic Italian cuisine for over 30 years – Don Giovanni is now offering up a SUNDAY ROAST – you heard that right. Offering up 3 cuts of meat all cooked in their charcoal Josper oven, the roasts come with GIANT Yorkshire Puddings and an unlimited amount of Don Gio’s special gravy. We headed over last weekend to give it a whirl and we are obsessed. The best cauliflower cheese in Manny – am I allowed to say that? It’s soOoO good.