Half Price Japanese Street Food in the Northern Quarter

Forget January Blues - February is getting you out of that slump with this fantastic deal.

By Alex Watson | 14 February 2020

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Your February is going to be getting a lot better with this news… Dive NQ are offering up 50% off their fantastic Zumu Japanese cuisine this month. Yep. That’s correct.

I’ve got a proposition. I’m here to say that February, as a month, is actually worse than January. You see, in January it’s gloomy, it’s depressing and you have every right to turn down every single offer for Friday night drinks because it’s January and you’re still really broke after Christmas. 

But in February it’s like you magically got rid of all your Christmas debt and you’re ready to be a sociable little elf again. Well, the truth is I’m not. 

I actually think February is dragging even more than January did. How is it not even halfway through February yet?! I honestly don’t understand.

Basically, this means I’m only after the helpful places who understand this issue. The types of restaurants who have been in my shoes. You know those angelic ones that decide it’s a fabulous idea to extend their January deals and make everyone who agrees with me, that February is worse than January, the month where they give us some serious discount.

So naturally, I’m looking no further than the place that is 5-minute walk from my flat and that is Dive NQ. 

Not just because of the ability to satisfy my laziness, but Dive’s food is also bloody excellent. And I keep telling anyone who will listen. 

It’s so much more than a bar that also does food. Any old place that will serve you a JD and Diet Coke can do food. But not like this.

I crave their bao buns on average 6.5 times a week and I need you to try them too. 

You need to pre-book to get the deal so hurry up folks because there’s not long left of February (thank bloody god).


50% OFF at Dive NQ


Where: Dive NQ,12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH
When: throughout February 

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