Have a Picnic ANYWHERE with Manchester's 15-minute Supermarket Delivery

It's National Picnic Week this week so we decided to use Weezy to it's fullest...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 June 2021

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you’ll have noticed a flurry of activity regarding grocery deliveries in the city – where you can get a vast range of goods delivered directly to your door without the hassle or annoyance of getting your shoes on and going down to the supermarket.

Weezy is a delivery service offering sustainable, fresh and local groceries to you in under 15 minutes – and best of all – their app lets you order to wherever you happen to be – whether it’s a difficult to find address or a bench in a local park.

So, with this week being National Picnic Week, we decided to put Weezy’s service and delivery skills to the test – setting up on a park bench in New Islington and ordering a HUGE picnic feast for the Finest team to enjoy.

First of all, and to make things a MILLION times easier for everyone, Weezy uses the innovative new ‘what3words location system, meaning you can get your groceries delivered to your very own 3 metre square. So even if you’re in the middle of a park somewhere, down a weird little alley or even that island in Platt Fields Park lake – the Weezy lot will find you.

Our particular location that day was ‘faster.aspect.wicked‘ – right on one of the big tables on New Islington Marina, and we had 7 hungry grafters to feed.

Firing up the Weezy app, you’re faced with a range of ‘departments’, from Fruits & Vegetables, to Meat, Frozen, Beer & Cider, Wine and even Home Essentials, a Pharmacy, Baby, Pets and Games – where you can buy yourself a FRISBEE for the park, or even Twister so you can have some bendy fun after your food.

One great thing about Weezy is that they offer a fantastic range of Manchester-based companies and makers, such as teas and coffee from ManCoCo and BrewTea, fresh bread from The Bread Factory, meat from Little Pigs in Didsbury, bevvies from Steep Soda, LoveRaw vegan chocolates, Cheshire Farm ice cream and booze from Marble Beers, Rockstar Spirits, Diablesse, Salford Spiced and Manchester Gin.

Pinging things into my basket, I finished up the order and then fired it over to Weezy on the app.

They promise to deliver your groceries within 15 minutes – well, the ‘Weez-ards’ absolutely smashed it – getting our order to us in 9 minutes, arriving with a beaming smile and 5 minutes to spare. We were in for a treat.

As you can see from these pics – we had a banquet of Henry VIII proportions – perfect with some tunes in the sun. There was no worrying about finding the nearest supermarket or shop, no worries about what people were going to eat and best of all, everything was fresh and in the case of the beers – ice cold.

Weezy is a great service, and with the unique location finder – perfect for a picnic in the park or an impromptu piss up with your mates. So get the app downloaded and get ordering – there’s even 50% OFF your first order using the code CHEFLIV.