Help Manchester Union Brewery get their Lager in a can!

Together We CAN...

By Manchester's Finest | 19 May 2020

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Today sees Manchester Union Lager launch a new Crowdfunder campaign to fund its move into producing fully printed cans – so they can delivery beer to homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the lockdown announcement in March, the brewery found that they lost 100% of their income overnight, and as such have been forced to devise a way in which they can offer their lager direct to the public while bars and restaurants remain closed.

Canning therefore is the best solution, giving them the chance to offer beer in homes, off-licenses and online at the best price.

So they’re asking for OUR help to achieve this, and thus they’ve set up a Crowdfunder in which you can pledge funds in return for something of equal value with the aim of getting their first batch of cans out by July.

Pledge £130 and you can get yourself 3 months worth of lager, £350 will get you a keg and a party for you office and if you’re feeling flush £7,500 will get you LAGER FOR LIFE – that’s 24 cans each month for 30 years (worth £16k!). There are, of course, plenty of rewards for much smaller amounts too.

So head on over to the Crowdfunder and give what you CAN. See what I’ve done there?!