Legendary Levenshulme Kebab & Shawarma Joint gets 2nd Site in Stockport

Levenshulme Bakery is heading to Edgeley...

By Manchester's Finest | 7 April 2022

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I’m sat here typing this at 9:34am and if I wanted to I could get on the train to Levenshulme and buy myself one of the best kebabs in Manchester – served on the freshest bread imaginable. All when I should be eating a bowl of Special K.

If you’ve never heard of Levenshulme Bakery then you’re probably not a kebab connoisseur – but even if you’re not – you should certainly take notice of this corner gaff in Levvy – because they’re one of the best eateries in the entire city.

Famed for their super-fresh breads, kebabs, shawarma and fatayer – news has reached us this morning that the team are expanding into Stockport, with a new location on Castle Street in Edgeley.

It’s run by three fellas each of Kurdish heritage, Alonso, AJ and Zheko, and they can be found grafting and baking away 7 days a week, cooking super-fresh Turkish breads for their meaty fillings and toppings.

They’re generally considered to be the very best kebabs in Manchester, and will regularly make most people’s top 3 in the city. Grabbing a Donner Kebab from here, taking it home and enjoying it with a tinny is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The new site in Edgeley // Moosh Boosh

Also popular are their Lebanese Fatayer – a Middle Eastern pie that’s stuffed with a variety of vegetables and meat. And their Turkish Pizzas are sublime.

All that we know about the opening of the new location in Edgeley is that it’ll be ‘soon’ – so keep an eye on our socials because it’s highly likely that we’re all going to be going down there the second those shutters are up.


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