Local cookery and English school launches Crowdfunder to release community cookbook

Levenshulme’s Heart & Parcel has been providing the community with classes to develop their English skills through the medium of food.

By Emma Davidson | 29 November 2022

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Heart & Parcel, Levenshulme’s local food and education project, has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to fundraise for the launch of its second book.

Established in 2015 by two friends with a passion for food, Heart & Parcel has grown to be an essential project, bringing people from all communities together to develop English skills through the medium of food and cooking.

Back in 2019, the organisation launched its first ever cookbook ‘Cook Eat Write Share’, which documented the learner’s delicious recipes and gave valuable insight into the project, all while raising funds. 

The book has travelled to kitchens across the globe, selling over 1,000 copies worldwide, and now, Heart & Parcel is looking to do the same with book number 2 titled ‘From Home to Home’.

The second book describes how Heart & Parcel’s cooking classes bring people into the homes of the women it works alongside, but also conveys their passage from one home (or country) to another.

Launching the Crowdfunder, Heart & Parcel is asking for help to fund the new book, which will continue to share delicious recipes, spread the word about Heart & Parcel and raise funds for its ongoing projects.

The organisation offers free to attend classes all centred around community cooking and has since worked with over 1,143 learners and ran 253 classes developing English language skills through food. 

For those interested in donating to the Crowdfunder, Heart & Parcel is offering a number of perks. For example, if you donate £20 you will receive a credit in the book and a recipe card, whereas £100 or more will get you a credit, a recipe card and a personal invitation to the book launch.

You can donate to the Crowdfunder below.