Lockdown Delivery Review: Higher Ground

A few weeks ago, pre-lockdown, I was fortunate enough to visit Higher Ground and sample a vast array of their unique and innovative dishes.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 7 May 2020

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Undeterred by the challenge the team at HG are now bringing part of that experience direct to our homes, so I of course couldn’t wait to receive my Higher Ground ‘ warm it up at home’ 3 course curry special.

Higher Ground have teamed up with Cloudwater and their delivery team to bring 3 of their dishes cooked and packaged ready to eat, with just 10-15 mins of warming time required. In this respect it’s a different proposition to your usual “take away” food in that it arrives cold and requires assembly.

For me this made the experience of the meal quite unique in its own right, I considered what dishes I would warm to serve the meal, I made a point of choosing nice cutlery and setting out the table with water and wine.

I felt a certain sense of obligation to serve this meal and do it justice, after all Higher Ground is no average restaurant and the chef prepared food is no less special at home or in venue.

Probably the signature dish of Higher Grounds eclectic yet well balanced menu has to be the Beef Madrasty. A spiced beef pasty with a madras gravy and I served it as in the restaurant, pasty atop a lake of sauce, but you could go full on pour over, after all you’re the one plating up.

The Wild Garlic Sag Aloo Potatoes were packed with flavour and added real heartiness to the meal with the Braised Yellow Hodmedod’s Peas delivering a flavour accompaniment, that on this occasion I treated more like a small side dish, but you could mix the potatoes and peas to create a dish without the beef or maybe add your own twist.

I think the beauty of a delivery mechanic like this one is you really do get to be the serving chef of a top quality meal and even take the dishes on in your own way. Maybe you only order 2 of them and create a 3rd dish yourself or all 3 and add to them, check out the Higher Ground menu and look for ideas you could recreate, some of the sides salads or the roasted carrots for example would be a great addition you could create from scratch at home.

Whatever way you approach a meal like this I say take the time to see it not as a delivery, but as an opportunity, to entertain and create an experience for yourself and those you live with whilst in lockdown. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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