A Lockdown Guide to: Foraging in May

Why not use your daily exercise session to get some ingredients?

By Manchester's Finest | 12 May 2020

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I must admit that I don’t actually know too much about plants, flowers or how to grow anything – I’m not a bloody hobbit. The Woodland Trust is a fantastic resource though – with valuable information on what you can pick – and when.

But now is the perfect time for flowers, herbs and plants to start flourishing and so it’s great for getting out there and finding some ingredients for your dinner. If you know of where you can find any of the following – let people know in the comments and share the love.

Always be responsible when you’re foraging – don’t take too much, don’t trespass on some grumpy farmer’s land and above all – don’t destroy any poor animals’ habitat.

Wild Garlic

One of the most delicious and versatile plants to forage, there are some excellent and abundant spots for wild garlic dotted around Greater Manchester. It’s not as strong as actual garlic and so is the perfect accompaniment to salads, pesto and soups. You don’t have long to find it though – the flowers will start dying within the next week or so.



Chickweed, chickenwort, craches, maruns or winterweed, Stellaria media, growing in Galicia, Spain

You’ll probably have seen chickweed in your garden – it’s a weed that’s pretty vivacious and likes to grow wherever it can. It’s also edible. Great in a salad or in a pesto – grab yourself handfuls of the stuff to liven up your dishes. It’s pretty abundant – so you should see it all over the place. Make sure you wash it first though.



My wife is actually growing this in our back yard – mostly because it’s easy peasy and also because it’s absolutely delicious. You’ll find it in most places – and it’s great in a vast array of dishes. It’s quite acidic – tasting a bit like lemon – so it’s also pretty good brewed into a tea.



You’ll be surprised at how much lime you’ll find dotted all over the place – the heart-shaped leaves – not the fruit – this isn’t Morocco. Add the leaves to a cheese butty for one of the best sandwich experiences of your life. Make sure it’s a strong cheddar though – stay away from that Dairylea.


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