Looking to start your own Street Food business?

Well, as usual GRUB are here to help with a FREE workshop for aspiring food entrepreneurs.

By Ben Brown | 10 March 2020

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Perhaps you’re sick and tired of your dead-end job, or just love food so much that you want to shift your whole life around it – but if you’re looking to get into street food this event is just for you.

This Wednesday 11th March, street food experts GRUB are hosting a New Trader Workshop, a FREE event designed to give you the opportunity to ask any questions about any aspect of starting out in street food by speaking to the best people qualified to answer… the traders themselves.

They’ll be covering the very first steps, common mistakes, menu design, the importance of visuals, what event organisers are looking for, social media usage and absolutely anything else you want to ask.

Attending the event will be John from Wallace & Sons, alongside Phil & Amy from Yes! Doughnuts – all on hand to answer any and all of your burning questions.

What’s more, GRUB will also be offering any potential traders the chance to submit their business idea – with 10 of the most favourite ideas being invited to a series of half-day workshops with a view to becoming one of GRUB’s regular traders in the future.

My advice? Don’t go for pizzas or burgers – it’s been done. Think outside the box a little. Unless it’s Chicago Deep Dish pizza – I don’t think anyone has done that yet.


GRUB New Trader Workshop

Venue: GRUB at the Red Bank Project
Date: Wednesday 11th March
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: FREE

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