Manchester's Best Alternative Roast Dinners

These aren't just some of the best roast dinners in Manchester, they've got a little twist going on too!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 10 January 2024

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Everyone loves a roast dinner, and in Manchester we’ve managed to find ourselves in the position of having a rather dazzling array of variations on the traditional British Sunday staple.

This lot are the city’s best alternative roast dinners, the ones with a little twist that elevate them above the usual ‘meat and two veg’ that you expect every Sunday at home.

Tattu: Imperial Sunday Roast

Tattu is famed for its contemporary Chinese fusion flavours and the Sunday lunch is no exception. Their Imperial Sunday Roast is a stately affair, including a proper aromatic roast duck, Chinese bbq chicken, char siu pork and caramel soy bavette steak. Of course, these all come with fusion trimmings, like the exceptional salt and pepper roast potatoes with garlic, chilli and five-spice. To drink, we recommend the Forbidden Char sharing cocktail with Bombay Sapphire gin, peach and ginger.

Zouk: The Indian Roast Dinner Platter

An Indian restaurant that does a Sunday Roast!? Surely not! Well, Zouk get involved every Sunday with a selection of their unique roast dinners, with a little bit of an Indian twist – just to infuriate all you staunch traditionalists out there. For me I love it, there’s nothing wrong with giving the roast dinner a bit of a kick up the arse with some spice – and with Zouk’s succulent meat and spicy gravy – they’ve gone and done it. If you give them 24 hours’ notice they can do a whole stuffed lamb for you too!

Ducie Street Warehouse: The World’s First Cauliflower Cheese Menu

Here we go. Not only is Ducie Street Warehouse’s roast dinner absolutely bloody sublime, they’ve also introduced the world’s first dedicated Cauliflower Cheese menu featuring eight different options available for your roast every Sunday. The mouth-watering menu offers dry-aged shorthorn Beef Sirloin, roast supreme of corn-fed Chicken, rosemary roasted Leg of Lamb, free-range Gammon and a weekly changing vegan roast. Then there’s the Cauliflower Cheese, with a selection including a classic vintage cheddar cauliflower cheese, truffle, bacon frazzles, blue cheese, macaroni or a totally vegan cauliflower cheese. Mega!

NAM: The Vietnamese Roast Dinner

Ancoats institution NAM introduced probably the city’s oddest Roast Dinner in 2021, and it’s absolutely spectacular. You wouldn’t think that the flavours of Vietnam would work with such a British dish as the Roast Dinner, but they do. Surprisingly well. The Half Roast Chicken is rubbed with NAM’s signature spices, and it includes all the trimmings, including a massive savoury Vietnamese DOUGHNUT and their Pho Gravy. It’s absolutely phenomenal, taking their signature Pho broth, adding stock and reducing it slowly over time, you end up with a fragrant, rich and breath-taking gravy that’s perfect for pouring and even better for dipping. The Sunday Roast at NAM is coming back VERY soon – keep an eye out for it.

Kong’s NQ: The World’s First Fried Chicken Roast Dinner

You better believe it, Kong’s Chicken Shop have created their very own roast dinner and, (in their own words) it’s actually the ‘World’s First Fried Chicken Roast Dinner’. Taking everything that’s made them so popular over the last few months and turning it into the nation’s favourite meal is genius, featuring Kong’s signature Fried Chicken Thigh topped with their Crispy Chicken Skin, sweet potato mash, crispy roast potatoes, vegetables and a massive Yorkshire pudding, all smothered with their homemade chicken gravy. It’s available every Sunday from their location at Foundation Coffee House on Portland Street.

Pull Up: Reggae Roast

Pull Up Bar & Cafe over on Swan Street, that bit riding the cusp of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats, well they do a banging Reggae Roast on Sundays, featuring lemon and thyme roast jerk chicken, carrots, plantain, rice ‘n’ peas, mac and cheese and their signature spicy gravy. They also offer a vegan (and gluten free) Rasta Roast with roast pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato wedges, fried plantain, rice ‘n’ peas and veggie gravy.

Peru Perdu: South American Sunday Roast with Bottomless Bloody Marys

Taking their South American food and drink concept and really going ALL out on a Sunday, Peru Perdu have created a unique take on the classic Sunday Roast, which comes with BOTTOMLESS Bloody Marys! Available every Sunday from 12pm – 5pm, the roast is packed full of Peruvian flavours, with a choice of Churrasco Picanha, Pollo la Brasa or the vegan Chimichurri Cauliflower with Truffle Gravy. If you’re not a fan of Bloody Marys, you can also order their signature Pisco Sours – the national drink of Peru and an absolutely banging cocktail.

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