The Best Bars & Restaurants You Don't Need To Book in Manchester

The best places in the city allowing walk-ins...

By Manchester's Finest | July 14th '20

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I know people are a bit worried about whether they have to book first in order to get in somewhere. Well, these places you don't. Enjoy. Bunny Jacksons Even before all of this COVID nonsense - Bunny's shunned the whole booking idea - instead just letting people turn up and get hammered on bourbon and full on 10p wings. Things obviously haven't changed and Bunny's is, and forever will be, our favourite late-night drinking spot. More Info   BAB Newly re-opened, BAB are accepting walk-ins for food and drink no matter what time you turn up. They've got ample space, what with their lovely downstairs restaurant and a NEW outdoor terrace on Stevenson Square. A posh kebab in the sun? Perfect. More Info   Cottonopolis Now that they're open, Cottonopolis are allowing walk-ins for drinks as long as its not a Friday or Saturday night - just because otherwise it would likely be chaos (with a lot of queuing). They've got new opening times too - they're not open on a Monday or Tuesday. More Info   Hatch The 'urban village' down on Oxford Road are allowing people to walk-in anytime in order to visit their favourite street food vendor or retail unit. There are loads on offer including the always impressive Grandad's Sausages, Parmogeddon, FUKU and loads more. More Info   NQ64 NQ64 was seemingly always busy before lockdown and I doubt things are likely to change now that they're open again. There's no way in which you can book out an arcade machine though so they'll be allowing walk-ins at all times. More Info   The Pen & Pencil There's plenty of space in The Pen & Pencil - so you won't be needing to book beforehand if you want to grab a pint or 6. They'll be operating as usual, and you can even tuck into something from their excellent menu also - no need to book. Lovely. More Info   Cane & Grain In a similar vein to the Bay Horse - Cane & Grain are only accepting bookings if you're eating or drinking inside but if you fancy some food and drinks outside on their terrace until midnight - then walk-ins are welcome. More Info   Wolf at the Door Thomas Street's excellent Taco & Bao specialists are back open again and are serving up some of the city's best cocktails too - oh, and some proper banging natural wines also. Thankfully they're also allowing walk-ins to come in for food and drinks - which is great news for us all. More Info   Southside Tequila Joint This brand-new taco and tequila joint in Withington has taken over the old Solomons site and looks absolutely bloody brilliant. They'll also be allowing walk-ins at all times - so you should definitely get yourself down there and check it out. More Info   Black Dog The NQ institution have re-opened and are back at it - and they'll be allowing walk-ins to pop in and get some cocktails and food. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one of their burgers, perhaps with a side of one of their massive pizzas. Oh, and about 10 beers. More Info   Twenty Twenty Two Twenty Twenty Two are now back open and those ping-pong balls are once again flying all over the place. As a safety measure they'll be sanitising all equipment between games, and they'll be accepting walk-ins too. More Info   Kabana Some say that this is the best place in the city for a hearty lunch - and I'd be inclined to agree. Well, except for Cafe Marharba. They're about neck and neck to be fair. As you'd expect from Kabana - they're welcoming walk-ins with open arms. The Arndale Market Ahhh the Arndale Market. The best place in the city for a spot of lunch that's guaranteed to be tasty and not leave you having to re-mortgage your house. Panchos is obviously a winner, but there's also Viet Shack, Wholesome Junkies, Salt & Pepper and more.   Seed & Cherry This outstanding cafe on Church Street may go unnoticed sometimes but once you've been in - you'll never forget it. Their brunch offering is excellent and they take their coffee very, very seriously. Walk-ins welcome. More Info   The Jane Eyre The Ancoats boozer is now open and the official line is "accepting walk-ins as usual but bare in mind - with reduced capacity - there could be a wait." More Info   Hampton & Vouis Tucked away opposite the Town Hall on Princess Street, Hampton & Vouis is a remarkable little coffee shop and cafe - which serves up some of the city's best breakfast and brunch dishes. They're happily accepting walk-ins any time. More Info   Cafe Marharba Quite simply the Northern Quarter's greatest hidden gem, this little cafe on Back Piccadilly is the perfect place for some lunch that won't require you to sell both and arm and a leg. Walk-ins welcome.   Federal Back open once again - smashing out the poached eggs and avocado - Federal Cafe & Bar are welcoming walk-ins only in their Deansgate and NQ branches. They also do those amazing Pastel de Natas - worth the trip alone. More Info   19 Cafe Bar This great cafe on Lever Street is tucked away behind the bus station at the bottom and it's well worth a visit - if only for their fantastic brunch dishes. Their pancakes are HUGE and those sandwiches will sort your hangover out in no time. More Info   Bundobust The Indian and Craft Beer gurus are open again and they're happily accepting walk-ins baby! Instead of a waiting area, walk-ins will be popped onto a virtual queue system where you can chill or potter around until your table is ready. More Info   Crazy Pedro's The city's premier pizza and mezcal bars have been operating on a walk-in’s policy since opening on the 4th. Basically, you can just rock up and they'll do their best to get you sat down and scranning as soon as possible. Don't forget - a slice of Mac Daddy is required eating with every drink. More Info   Viet Shack Sticking to their usual formula, Viet Shack in Ancoats will only be accepting walk-ins now that they're open - so there's no need to bother booking ever. Just rock up and you might have to wait - but it'll be well worth it I promise. More Info   Northern Soul Grilled Cheese The Church Street 'shack' is now open Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30am - 3pm - and obviously - they're accepting walk-ins. The restaurant is due to open at the end of the month but until then - this will do nicely. More Info   The Bay Horse Tavern If you want to eat or drink inside The Bay Horse Tavern then unfortunately - you're going to have to book. BUT - if you want to eat and drink outside on their new terrace on Thomas Street - walk-ins are perfectly welcome indeed. More Info   Oke Poke If you're looking to get healthy after a lockdown of snacks and cheese, Oke Poke is the best place to get some food. Their Poke Bowls are super-fresh and will only clock in at around 5 calories of something (I think). Walk-ins welcome. More Info   Allotment NQ Northern Quarter bar and restaurant will be accepting walk-ins during their amended opening hours (Wednesday - Sunday). Expect a huge gin list and some excellent food courtesy of pop-up Herd NQ. More Info