Manchester's Newest Chips, Cheese & Gravy Loaded Delivery Service

Poutine direct to your door? This is genius...

By Manchester's Finest | 15 September 2020

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There was a time at the beginning of the year when Blue Caribou were at the Arndale Market and I’d visit at least once a week. It was almost impossible to resist their chips, smothered in cheese and gravy and then topped with an outstanding array of delicious toppings.

When they decided to move on I was pretty devastated, but then lockdown happened and they started doing a Poutine Delivery service and all was saved. Well, they’ve started the delivery service back up again – offering their impressive range of Poutine Kits straight to your door.

You can order their ‘Classic Poutine Kit‘ (£11) or they even offer their famous variations including their brilliant ‘Reuben‘ Poutine; with pastrami, mustard and dill pickles, as well as their ‘Korean‘ Poutine with Kimchi, Samurai sauce, mayo and tempura seaweed crisps.

Each one can be delivered straight to your door, which you then prepare and cook at home. I’ve missed their poutine so much that I’m going to get a couple ordered right now.

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