You need to use a hammer to get into this whole roasted chicken...

Slow-roasted the traditional Mediterranean way, under a thick sea salt crust leaving juicy, tender and mouth-watering meat underneath.

By Alex Watson | 7 January 2020

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I think I might be right in saying 2019 saw the rise of alternative Roast Dinners which crept onto menus all over the city, including the whopping great big Whole Roast Lamb.

And this might be a statement for BB’s 2020 predictions, but I don’t think the quirky Roast Dinner trend is going to stop any time soon. But what can you do to make yourself stand out with a new twist on the humble Sunday Dinner? 

Well, KAI have delved into the past and uncovered an ancient cooking method that is said to have originated in Egypt, and so they’ve used it to create a rather unique roast chicken down on Deansgate.

Fast forward around 7,000 years from when this first originated and you’ll find yourself sat down tucking into KAI’s version, the Salt Crusted Chicken. It’s served with all the usual trimmings, each with their own individual twist. 

There’s Chilli & Orange Carrots, barbecued Cauliflower florets and Crushed New Potatoes seasoned and spiced to perfection. And of course, no roast dinner would be complete without the king of condiments, GRAVY. 

The salt crusted method allows for the chicken to both cook and steam, locking in all the juices and flavours to ensure the meat stays incredibly tender. 

What’s more, when you smash through that thick layer of salt a perfectly golden skin is revealed with juicy and succulent meat hidden underneath that. 

The salt crust chicken is smashed at the table to reveal a golden, juicy and bloody delicious chicken all stuffed with bulgur Rice. 

The dish is perfect for 2 to share and if you ask me is an absolute steal!


Salt Crusted Chicken at KAI

Available every day, must pre-order and takes 1 hour to make. 
Cost: £25

Order and book by calling: 0161 832 3431


KAI Deansgate, 82-84 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2ER