NOW DELIVERING: HUGE Salt Beef Bagels from Eat New York

Quite possibly the best bagels this side of the Atlantic - and you won't need to leave your house.

By Alex Watson | 28 April 2020

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What’s better than a bagel stuffed to breaking point with meat, cheese, sauce and veg? The answer is nothing by the way.

There’s something about those doughy, holey little delights isn’t there?!

Well, it’s a pretty well known fact that Eat New York make probably the best ones in the city, if not the bloody UK, and therefore this news is fantastic for all of us stuck in our houses during this lockdown.

The team are serving up their mouth-watering Salt Beef Bagels, Burgers and sides up to 6 miles from the city centre. All you need to do is ring them up, tell ’em what you want and you’ll be in meaty, bagel heaven in no time.

They’re open from Wednesday to Sunday – but what are you going to have?!

Well, personally I’d always go for the classic Grill Melt Bagel (£7) with hot salt beef, grilled Swiss cheese, jalapeno, rocket, pickles, house sauce and French’s mustard.

Throw in some Chilli Cheese Fries (£6) on the side and I’m done. Actually, I’ll have a tin of Pepsi and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Tray (£5) for pudding too.

Okay, I’m dribbling now. I’m going to go order. Here’s the number:

Eat New York Delivery Line
0800 689 3896

Check out the menu (and more information) below:

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