NEW OPENING: The Northern Quarter's Local Butcher

The butcher of Tib Street is back, baby.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 December 2019

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Get ready to meat (sorry) Graeme, Liam and William; the 3 friendly faces who will be satisfying all your independent, locally-sourced butchery needs.

The cleaver has been passed from previous owners, Michelle and Ste, and the people of the Northern Quarter have long awaited the Butcher’s Quarter’s opening. It’s the second coming.

Since opening in November, the Butchers has proved it hasn’t lost its popularity. Alongside their best-cut beef, lamb and pork, they also offer the highest quality charcuterie, cheese and natural wines.

What’s more, going into the New Year, they will be serving up steak sandwiches and the best ham sandwiches in town.

The team are extremely devoted and passionate about where their products come from; they loyally swear by local farmer based in Helmshore, John Holt. John’s animals are free-range and sells directly to The Butcher’s Quarter.

Its becoming more and more important that the NQ stays independent. Businesses like The Butcher’s Quarter are fundamental for the area and necessary for maintaining it’s unique identity that can’t be found anywhere else.


The Butcher’s Quarter, 66 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LG
0161 302 2850