NEW OPENING: The Circle Square Coffee Shop bringing Kiwi Cafe Culture to Manchester

Tahi Eatery is soon to be opening its doors on Oxford Road, brining a glimpse into New Zealand’s unmatched coffee culture.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 23 August 2022

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Image: @kozakphoto

Manchester is overrun with brilliant brunch destinations, offering everything from Antipodean influenced menus to 100% plant-based eggs and ‘bacon’, but when there’s an announcement of a new brunch spot swinging open its doors – we’re still hungry for more. 

Tahi Eatery has been teasing us for the past few months, first appearing on Instagram in early January and dropping menu hints and build updates ever since. It’s now been confirmed that the cafe will open properly in August, but what can you expect from the new Kiwi-inspired coffee joint?

Well, it’s said that New Zealand’s cafe and coffee-culture is known as an essential thread making up the fabric of the country. New Zealanders believe that espresso is KING, so don’t go asking for any fancy drip coffees or French presses, because you’re likely to be met with a blank stare. 

They pride themselves on creating a sociable cafe environment that prides itself on quality not quantity. Shorter cups and stronger drinks reign supreme, as well as a focus on seriously good brunch – which is bound to be emulated at Tahi. 

A lot of emphasis is placed on locally sourced, fresh and sustainable ingredients, as well as homemade cakes, bakes and pastries – and Tahi have already given us a glimpse into some of the treats they’ll have on offer. 

Anzacs, well-know New Zealand staples made from rolled oats and desiccated coconuts are available on the menu, alongside Neenish Glazed Yum Yums and ‘Huevos Rancheros’ Buttermilk Cornbread.

The cornbread is a savoury dish made using toasted corn, jalapeños, black beans, coriander, feta and a crispy mature cheddar crust – an indulgent, savoury snack that’s right up our street. 

Tahi makes all of its pastries fresh in-store, too, and has a range of unique goodies including; jalapeño pepper croissant twists, miso mushroom rolls and your classic breakfast staples, all hand-crafted by its team of dedicated pastry chefs. The very best accompaniment to your morning flat white. 

Tahi Eatery is set to open on Saturday 20th August.


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