Not just 10p Wings... We check out Bunny Jackson's (other) menu!

Sure, those wings are MEGA but sometimes you want something a little different don't you?!

By Ben Brown | 6 September 2019

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No visit to Bunny Jackson’s is complete without a little bit of a nibble, whether it’s on some food or someone’s lip – it just has to be done.

Available from 5pm until 10pm there’s plenty of choice other than the wings…

Chicken Dippers (£4)
My personal favourite and something I order EVERY TIME I’m in Bunny’s (which is too much) – the Chicken Dippers are the boneless equivalent to their famous chicken wings and they’re fucking fantastic. They get some chicken, brine it in tea, coat in Buttermilk and flour and then fry – creating some of the juiciest, tastiest chicken imaginable. Get them.


Animal Fries (£4)
Made famous by them chips you can buy at In-N-Out in California, I must admit that the real things aren’t actually that good. The chips taste like cardboard and the ‘animal’ topping is just ketchup and mayo mixed together. These beauts from Bunny’s are MUCH better (and they’re also MUCH dirtier). They throw on lashings of cheese sauce, onions, meat, crispy bits and loads of BBQ sauce – there’s NO WAY you can’t love these chips.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Soup (£7.50)
Quite possibly the greatest meal known to man, the Cheese Toastie and Tomato Soup (for dipping) can make even the most depressed individual feel like a million bucks – guaranteed. The mix of melted cheese and tomato is irresistible and as the cold nights draw in this is comfort food at its finest.


Fried Pickles (£2.50)
What’s better than a juicy pickle? A juicy pickle coated in a spicy fried crumb that’s what. Perfect alongside a few pints of ice cold lager, nothing beats chomping away at ‘Frickles’ at a bar – I don’t think there is anything in the world more American. Perhaps Uncle Sam eating a Corn Dog at Disneyland but that’s it.


Backyard Burger (£8.50)
So named because ALL the best burgers come off a BBQ in someone’s backyard, Bunny’s beef burger is one of the best in town. It comes loaded with 2 dry aged beef patties, some American cheese, salad and Bunny’s special burger sauce. It’s an absolute winner and you’ll be full AF after it.


Mother Clucker (£8.50)
If you’re not happy with just the dippers you should try the excellent Mother Clucker, Bunny’s version of a chicken burger and one of the city’s best. Their tea brined and buttermilk fried chicken dippers are paired up with salad, cheese and the piece de la resistance – a crispy hash brown. Perfect.


Hot Dogs (50p)
Arrive too late for food but still want something long and meaty down your neck? Well you’re in luck – Bunny’s also offer up hot dogs from 10pm until 2am every single day and they’re bloody brilliant. Smother these beauties in Tommy K and mustard and you’re onto a winner!


Bunny Jackson’s (other) Food Menu

Date: Available every day
Time: From 5pm – 10pm (Hot Dogs available after 10pm)



Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA