NOW DELIVERING: "The Best Pizzas in the World"...Rudy's

Aye - that's right - they're back! You missed 'em?

By Manchester's Finest | 6 May 2020

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One of the best pizzas in the world? The best in the UK? Just Manchester? There are enough polls, awards and hyperbole out there to suggest that Rudy’s is all of these things – but who really cares?

We all know that they are absolutely out-of-this-world good Neapolitan pizzas – so who needs someone else to tell us? Just order a pie, grab a Campari soda and enjoy. Simples.

Since lockdown though, Rudy’s have been quiet – until yesterday that is. They’ve now set up a delivery service on Deliveroo – so you can get these outstanding pizzas direct to your house (if you live in the city centre that is).

I’m out of the game sat here in Stretford, but if you’re lucky enough to live close enough for a delivery – it’s not a exaggeration to say that you’re in for the treat of a lifetime.

Delivery is available 5pm – 10pm on weekdays and 3pm – 10pm on weekends.


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