CBRB presents, Buns n' that!

By Ben Brown | 23 February 2021

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Going live on Friday 19th February, Northern Quarter favourite CBRB (COCKTAIL BEER RAMEN + BUN) will (finally) be hitting Deliveroo. Great news!

Well, it’s more like the “BUN” bit, because they’ve decided to just concentrate on ‘Buns n’ that’ because ramen doesn’t travel very well when getting sloshed around on the back of a bike at 10pm in sub zero temperatures.

So instead they’ve put together a selection of their rather wonderful buns and small plates – all available to get delivered direct to your house. There’s potential talk of their Ramen Kits coming back – but it won’t be for a while.

You should expect to see some of their best ever Bao Buns, including the Karaage Chicken (£5), Panko Oyster Mushroom (£5) and their outstanding Chashu Pork Belly (£5), of which you should buy 6 – trust me.

Alongside the Buns are a series of small plates, including Karaage Chicken (£6.50) & Cauliflower (£5.50), Edamame Beans (£3.50) and a special – the Korean Fried Chicken Burger (£10) topped with kimchi, pickled chilli and Sriracha mayo.

If you’re looking for the full CBRB experience, their cocktails are also available to be delivered to your house from the team over at The Drinks Drop, with their Fig Bramble available off the menu, as well as a super special Ultimate Margarita to celebrate Tequila Month.


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