NOW DELIVERING: Eddie Shepherd's Gourmet Vegetarian Taco Kits

With the Walled Gardens closed, Eddie's decided to make up some Meal Kits with Eat Well MCR...

By Manchester's Finest | 9 February 2021

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Eddie Shepherd's Whalley Range underground supper club - The Walled Gardens - basically lamenting the fact that we're on lockdown and I miss it because I can't bloody go back.

Eddie's certainly a very talented man, with 17 years’ worth of experience as a professional chef behind him, Eddie has also transported his unique style of modern vegetarian cooking all around the world, operating pop-up restaurants, designing menus and offering consultancy and training in contemporary plant-based cuisine.

His unique supper club in Whalley Range provides a unique dining experience, where guests taste and learn all about plant-based dishes which are not only innovative but also exciting. But, alas - we can't go until all of this is over.

So, Eddie has teamed up with Eat Well MCR to create and deliver a new TACO KIT - with enough food in there for two people and with very minimal cooking needed. They'll be available from 12pm on Friday 12th February.

Each Taco Kit costs £40 (with 20% of the price going to charity) and contains the following...

- 8 Freshly Made and Pressed Corn Tortillas to cook at home (plus a spare or two)
- Oyster mushroom, Huitlacoche and Black Bean Chilli
- Goosberry salsa
- Blueberry Pickled Onions
- Kirkhams Lancashire Cheese (The Best!)
- Coriander emulsion
- Fresh Baby Gem Lettuce
- Fresh lime
- Two Dark Chocolate Mouse - with Honeycomb & Lime Sugar

Kits are limited to just 30 available each week (that's as many tortillas Eddie can make fresh each week). And the kits will run each weekend for 3 or 4 weeks depending on demand.

Orders can be placed via Eat Well Manchester between 12pm Friday and 9pm Monday each weekend, starting this weekend.

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