NOW OPEN: A Taste of New York at Stretford's Outstanding NEW Pizza Joint

It's not just pizza, you'll also find bagels, cocktails and the best damn cheesecake EVER...

By Ben Brown | 17 April 2021

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BAKEHOUSE32 is a relatively new undertaking right on Chester Road in Stretford, and due to the fact that I’ve been living at my mum’s house in Oldham for 6 months, I only just managed to visit this week.

The brand-new terrace…

Which is an almighty shame because it means that I’ve spent multiple months of my life without their excellent pizzas in my life, and after visiting – this place is now high up on my roster of places to eat out in the area.

Stretford has seen a relatively decent influx of bars and restaurants over the last couple of years, with the arrival of an impressive array of street food vendors at Stretford Food Hall, The Hive and the always delicious Caribbean dishes from Edge Café.

The cutest cocktail can ever…

There’s certainly plenty of space for new arrivals though, and the tail-end of 2020 saw BAKEHOUSE32 take over the old Samir’s restaurant next to the bus stop on Chester Road, operating a rather slick delivery and collection service ever since.

With the COVID roadmap in full force this week with restaurants allowed to open up outside, BAKEHOUSE32 unveiled a sexy new outside terrace round the back, with a couple of heaters to ward off the cold and ensure that you can enjoy your New York style pizza without any of your minor extremities dropping off.

Garlic Bread – it’s the future…

As if it’s not already obvious, BAKEHOUSE specialise in New York style pizzas, so you should expect thin bases, thick, chewy crusts (that are perfect for dipping) and a selection of toppings that are simple and considered. There’s the classic Margherita (£8), Coppa Ham & Wild Mushroom (£9) Artichoke & Roquito Pepper (£8) and Aubergine & Green Olive (£8).

Top of your list though should be BAKEHOUSE32’s signature pie – the Pepperoni & Hot Honey (£9) an absolutely perfect pizza, with that sought-after pepperoni cuppage and tonnes of oozing cheese, generously drizzled with Moon’s Hot Honey sauce which is made in small-batches down in Greenwich and tastes absolutely divine.

Look at that ‘cuppage’

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pizza anywhere else in the city, even with the arrival of all of these trendy new pizzeria’s everywhere. The BAKEHOUSE32 lot should be very proud with what they’ve achieved here – and you should probably come down and try them for yourself.

“you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pizza anywhere else”

In addition to the pizzas, BAKEHOUSE32 also offer up a range of New York Bagels throughout the day, generously filled with a variety of fillings – including the classic Reuben (£4), Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (£4.50) and Ajvar, a Yugoslavian condiment made from roasted red peppers and chilli, with Emmental cheese (£4.00).

New York Bagels…

I feel that I should also mention the Burnt Basque Cheesecake (£3.50) which is sure to become your new favourite dessert and will likely have you salivating at the very thought of it for days to come.

A regular fixture on menus in the north of Spain, the cheesecake gets it’s name from its iconic charred surface, which gives a rich, caramel flavour to the creamy dish. I’d say it’s very reminiscent of a Crème Brulee – but even better!

You HAVE to try this Cheesecake…

BAKEHOUSE32 is open now, for sit-ins on their new terrace, collection and delivery through local independent delivery app Shocal.

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BAKEHOUSE32, 1116 Chester Rd, Stretford, Manchester M32 0HA