Platzki: A New Dining Concept Comes to the Great Northern

The Great Northern has recently welcomed Manchester’s hottest Polish restaurant, Platzki which aims to bring Manchester a taste of Eastern European cuisine.

By Manchester's Finest | 8 February 2018

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I have only been to Poland once, but when I was there, I just ate three things – noddle soup, sauerkraut and chicken schnitzels for five days straight. It is safe to say that my 14-year-old self was more than scared by the experience- I blame my school for taking me there in the first place. However, if adulthood and a healthy dose of self-reflection on my utterly intolerant personality have taught me anything, it’s that everything deserves a second chance, and I am so glad I gave Polish food another go.

It turns out it isn’t just pickled cabbage and soup. The team at Platzki are happy to put their spin on the hearty European cuisine, creating dishes which are unique, innovative and delicious. It is hard to pin down what I like the most, especially when their menu changes each week with a new wave of delectable morsels- which makes it the perfect place to revisit time and time again.

I could sit in bed all day and eat their dumplings until the cows came home- and even if they didn’t, I would still be there. I also enjoy the aromatic, spiced pork-based dishes, of which there are many, but it is important to point out that they are pretty accommodating for veggies and vegans with gorgeous soups and salads.

Most importantly, and get ready for a bold statement, Platzki is probably the best value food that you can get your paws on in Manchester. They start at £4.00 for a hearty bowl of soup, and only £7 for a healthy beetroot and salmon salad it’s affordable as well as delicious. And with breakfast being arguably everyone’s favourite meal of the day, try Platzki’s brunch menu if you’re tired of eating the same old smashed avo on toast.

I urge you to pop down and try some soul-warming Polish cuisine- especially on a chilly February evening- I can guarantee you will leave converted.

PLATZKI –Deansgate Mews Great Northern Warehouse, Peter Street, Manchester, M3 4EJ
07719 731 662