Pub Grub Classics at The Bay Horse Tavern

Other than a cup of Horlicks and a cuddle from your mother, there is nothing more comforting than a bit of pub grub.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 September 2018

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British classics at their best is what you will find on any pub menu, and to me, a weekend isn’t really ever complete without something cheap, cheerful and comforting like a bit of pub grub and a pint of beer.

Trouble is, when you live in the middle of a city, the real authentic pub grub is hard to come by, and I am not one to scrimp on quality because somewhere is close to where I live.

Well, that is how I felt until someone I am eternally grateful for took me out to The Bay Horse Tavern. When I heard the name, I was hopeful- this sounded like it was going to be right up my street.

And it didn’t let me down. They have all the classics on the menu I was looking for, as well as a cosy, intimate pub feel right in the heart of the Northern Quarter which was refreshing, to say the least.

Starters wise, you can kick off with a giant Scotch Egg, served warm with a delicious yellow, runny yolk. The Pork Pie and Piccalilli took my fancy also, which just reminded me of British picnics in the summertime. The Piccalilli was lovely and sweet with that subtle vinegar tang I was looking for.

Moving on to the main courses, I found everything I was looking for. The 8oz Rib Eye is always a good shout. Served with garlic butter, mushrooms, chips, tomato, and their phenomenal thrice-cooked chips which, dare I say, are the best you can find in Manchester.

Gammon and Eggs makes an appearance on the Bay Horse menu, which gains them another ten or so brownie points, but I reckon their pies are the real winner here. Choose from Steak & Ale, Chicken, Cheese & Onion or Mushroom & Leek which come sided with your choice of creamy mash or chips and their epic gravy to pour over.

While we are on the gravy-Bay Horse takes this shit seriously- and they will use their gravy at every opportunity like alongside the Rotisserie Sandwiches (for dipping), the Roast Chicken and chips (for dipping) or the tip-top Sausages and Mash (for smothering).

The stand out star for me, however, was the Fish and Chips…obviously. Beer battered haddock which was crispy, light and not too saturated with oil. This comes sided with their aforementioned thrice cooked chips and mushy peas or chip shop curry sauce which is the kind of modern take I expected from a Northern Quarter tavern.

Looks like my quest is complete. When I get those comfort food cravings on the weekend- you are going to find me at The Bay Horse Tavern. End of.

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