BISTROTHEQUE, BLOK and NATIVE Apartment Hotels set to open in NQ's London Warehouse

A new social and cultural destination featuring a BISTROTHEQUE restaurant, stylish BLOK gym, coffee counter, cinema and modern NATIVE apartment hotels is coming to Manchester this summer.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 25 February 2020

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CULTUREPLEX, will be located on the edge of The Northern Quarter in a former goods warehouse and with stunning views overlooking Piccadilly Basin.

Brought to you by the founders of BISTROTHEQUE, Northern lads Pablo Flack and David Waddington, the space is set to be transformed into the hottest community centre in the city.

On arrival is Klatch, a coffee counter by day with a ‘healthy(ish)’ ready to go offer that flips into a craft beer and natural wine stand by night. Healthy (ish) because who doesn’t like to see a Mozzarella and Mortadella Toastie or a Chocolate and Banana Loaf with Salted Butter alongside their complex carbs and plant-based options?

In the heart of the space, a CULTUREPLEX newspaper acts as a food and drink bible, broken down into morning, afternoon and evening, table served to wherever guests decide to flop down. Eating and drinking in the lounge will always be informal, democratically priced and well executed.

Along the rear, arched elevation will be BISTROTHEQUE, CULTUREPLEX’s full-service restaurant. Their ethos has always been to offer uncomplicated good food, drink and service with common sense and good taste and the Manchester offshoot will be no different. The restaurant will be open for dinner seven days a week and a brunch offering at weekends, with all menus under the exacting eye of Chef Director Blaine Duffy.

The historic old railway warehouse will also be home to Native apart-hotels who will also be bringing the phenomenal building back to life.

Making the most of the buildings historical features, such as the exposed brick, high ceilings and steel beams, Native will combine their unique modern decor whilst keeping the buildings rustic timeless feel and making the most of every single feature, ensuring the original building still shines through the hotel.

The hotel will also be working alongside independent brands in the Northern Quarter and supporting local business throughout Manchester.

A very similar style and aesthetic can be found at the London Bankside branch, which fuses modern stylish decor with rustic prominent features, with each room kitted out with kitchen and dining area. However unlike this hotel, the Manchester branch will not have gym, but no stress, fitness fanatics BLOK will also be located on a floor inside the building.

BLOK, where award-winning boutique fitness meets art, design and fashion will also be launching inside the building, hosting 200 classes a week with 27 different styles of classes. The modern unique styled gym will consist of zero gym equipment and solely focus on using your own body rather than machinery and fixed equipment.

They currently host an array of classes in London branches, as well as introducing new challenges designed specifically for the new space, BLOK Shoreditch offers over 180 classes per week with 32 different types of class.

The space also boasts a 60-seater café that comprises a gallery and retail space. Memberships start from £165, however, you can just pay for classes upfront from £15.

An opening date is still yet to be confirmed however Ducie Street Warehouse is set to open early Summer 2019. Watch this space for more details…