REVIEW: The new All-Day Brunch Menu at The Counter House

With brunch dishes available right up until 5pm - could this be the answer to every lazy person's dreams?

By Ben Brown | 19 November 2019

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As someone who finds it extremely difficult to get out of bed, the prospect of an all-day breakfast or brunch menu is particularly exciting.

During the week when at work I’ll roll out of the sack, get on my bike and angrily pedal my way to work – hateful of all those around me and all those who have sent me pointless emails at ridiculous times in the night.

When I get to work, I’m no better. Sitting at my desk, drinking water and just watching the clock waiting for lunch time when I can get some food inside me and perhaps cheer up by around 3%.

The weekends don’t improve. I tell myself I’m going to get up early and make the most of it but usually end up creeping out of bed at around 3pm – shameful and disgusted with myself.

So, I think the general consensus is that I should probably sort myself out. Get up earlier, do some exercise and actually eat some breakfast to get the day off to a good start. The city is jam-packed full of great places to get some rather fantastic dishes in the morning so there’s no excuse really.

Before this highly unlikely event occurs though, I’ve found somewhere that offers those much sought after breakfast and brunch foods all the way until 5pm every day. Except Sunday of course – that’s Roast Dinner time.

I headed on down to The Counter House last week to check out their brand-new All-Day menu, a menu featuring a selection of fantastic brunch dishes, alongside small plates, sandwiches and a few big plates should you want something more substantial. I was concentrating on the brunch dishes during my visit though – and my word was I impressed.

The All-Day menu is, granted, rather large. To look at it for the first time you’d probably feel a small twinge of anxiety – worried about what you’re going to order and whether it’s the right choice.

So, I decided to split it up – tackling the brunch dishes first (with a repeat visit in the future to check out the rest).

One of the new highlights with this menu is the ‘On Toast’ bit – a selection of dishes that are (obviously) plonked on top of a lovely thick slab of sourdough bread.

You’ve got your classics, with the Poached Egg & Avocado (£8.50), Eggs Benedict (£8.70), Royale (£9.50) and Florentine (£8), but I wanted to try something different – opting for the new Vegan Crushed Avocado, Spiced Chickpea, Lemon Tahini and Toasted Sesame (£8).

I’m not a vegan, but am always intrigued by the choices on menus – curious as to what people are offering those who don’t eat meat or dairy. In this respect I don’t think anybody will be disappointed – as this subtle and perfectly balanced dish was excellent throughout.

The chickpeas added an extra spicy kick to the usually rather plain avocado, working well alongside the tang of the added citrus and the earthy toasted sesame. It wasn’t too spicy either – much like Goldilocks would have liked – it was just right.

Another dish tasted was the Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese & Roasted Tomatoes (£8.50) which was a welcome taste of the Mediterranean on toast. I’m a little obsessed with ham and cheese at the moment so this was a clear winner with me.

They shove SO much ham on here, I had a grin on my face like the Cheshire Cat throughout. Excellent value for money.

Finally, we shared a real stand out on the menu – Huevos Rancheros (£9.50) – a Mexican breakfast consisting of guacamole, refried beans, sour cream, melted cheese and salsa, all topped with 2 fried eggs and resting in a toasted tortilla bowl.

It really is as fantastic as it sounds and I recommend for everyone to come in and try. Like, everyone. Now.

No visit to The Counter House is complete without someone at some point ordering their outstanding Full English Breakfast (£11) and this occasion was no different as I tucked into this behemoth once again.

The sausages are always a stand-out addition – thick, juicy and with more meat in them than a butcher’s pantry – I truly adore them.

As a little cherry on top we decided to have what could be construed as a Brunch ‘dessert’ in the form of a lovely Coconut Crepe with granola, Greek yoghurt and strawberry chia jam (£7.50). Perfect for anyone with a penchant for the sweeter things in life.

I myself am a strictly savoury kind of guy, but this crepe was still lovely, fresh and prepared to perfection. They do offer a much more indulgent Nutella version too – should you want to treat yourself to something naughty this Christmas.

As I mentioned earlier – all of these dishes are available until 5pm every day. So there’s now no need to get up early anymore. There’s no need to rush around trying to get someone before they stop serving up the eggs. The Counter House has you covered, and luckily for us all – the food is fantastic.


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