The Roast Fit for a King at One88

A Sunday without a roast dinner is like Mario without Luigi, salt without pepper or Manchester without intermittent splashes of rain. It is just not the same to have one without the other.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 23 April 2018

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So how about this Sunday we all head down to One88 in Whitefield to get our fix and get involved with their sharing roast dinner for two- sharing is caring after all.To be completely honest the roast sharer is a pretty self-explanatory concept- one board, two people, a lot of food and an entire Sunday afternoon to get through it.

Challenge accepted.

This delicious monstrosity is made up of slices of succulent roast beef which is beautifully rare and tender as it should be. It would be sacrilege to have a beef without a Yorkshire pudding so expect some giant fluffy ones on the side too.

There is also half a roast chicken which is both juicy and tender. You will also find all the appropriate sides including roast potatoes and mash to cover both bases and avoid unnecessary arguments.To top it all off, there is the gravy- which is, dare I say it, much better than your mums. Yes, that is indeed possible. They make it with real roasting juices, and it just sets the whole thing off.

What’s more is that it will only set you back £25- that’s £12.50 each so try and find me a better deal in town for something of this size and quality. Race you down there!

One88 Bar and Kitchen, 188 Bury New Rd, Whitefield, Manchester M45 6QF
0161 280 0524