The Burger with Beef Fat-Fried CHRISTMAS PUDDING in it!

Surely the maddest burger this Christmas?!

Around Christmas time there’s always some pretty mental food and drink specials that get unveiled. Turkey Dinner Pizzas, Yorkshire Pudding Wraps, Mince Pie Crumpets – they all turn up and we welcome them with open arms. Well, gobs.

This year is, of course, no different with a vast array of Christmas themed specials, but there’s one that’s appeared that really caught our eye. And it comes from burger specialists Slap & Pickle.

If you’ve never heard of Slap & Pickle, where the ‘eff have you been this last 6 months?!

They moved into Society down on Barbirolli Square this year and have been slinging some seriously weird and wonderful burgers and loaded fries – such as their MASSIVE 3-patty burger ‘The Extra Yard’ and some fantastic Chicken Kiev Fries which I think about all the time nowadays.

This Christmas they’ve come up with a Christmas Menu of such extravagance that even old Father Christmas would probably have to unbuckle his belt whilst tucking in – and we know just how much of a chubster he is.

The piece de la resistance is the ‘ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS BURGER’ which starts off pretty tame:

Two Swaledale beef smash patties…
Cranberry Wensleydale…
Smoked bacon…
Pickles, Paxo Mayo…
Red Cabbage and Lettuce…

…but then finished off with a BEEF FAT-FRIED CHRISTMAS PUDDING!

Yeah, they take a Christmas Pud and deep-fry it in beef fat, and you know what? It’s actually really rather nice. Sure, it’s a lot – and you’ll probably get a bit of heartburn, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went with everything on the burger.

The Vegan ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Burger

Best of all, just like all of Slap & Pickle’s menu items – this is also available in both vegetarian and vegan variations – meaning nobody has to miss out this Christmas.

Oh, and as part of their #KidsInBlankets charity campaign, 25p from every Christmas item sold at Slap & Pickle will go to the charity Zarach – and tackling child bed poverty in the UK.


The ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Burger is available now at Slap & Pickle in Society and through Delivery…

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