The Cheesiest Pizza EVER, Pork Crackling & The Best Things We Ate & Drank This Week

Also including raclette fries, Jamaican jerk chicken and a banging bolognaise...

By Manchester's Finest | 9 May 2021

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Porchetta Ciabatta
The Smithfield Social
We went down to The Smithfield Social on Friday to see what all the fuss is about – and were suitably bowled over by their cocktails, mega wine list and most of all – the food. One of the clear stand outs (in a menu of stand outs) was their Porchetta Ciabatta – a true monster of a sandwich, with Roast Gloucester Old Spot pork belly (with all the crispy crackling bits), super slow-cooked onions and a homemade salsa verde. Awesome.


Jamaican Jerk Chicken Meal Box
Edge Cafe, Stretford
A much-needed day working from home resulted in a welcome dilemma – what to have for lunch near to my house. Well, as is usually the case, the excellent Edge Cafe just near Stretford tram station came to the rescue – with a £5 Jamaican Jerk Meal Box that proper hit the spot. Their slow-cooked chicken seasoned with their home-made jerk is almost unbeatable, when paired with rice and beans, peas and slaw – makes the best lunch I’ve had all week.


The Classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
American Pies
We were lucky enough to nip down to the soon-to-be-open American Pies on Moseley Street this week to film a video and my word – it was VERY cheesy. The sheer amount of cheese pulls would have sent LAD Bible into meltdown, and we were mightily impressed with what they had to show us. Not just proper Chicago Deep Dish pizzas but some of the naughtiest sides known to man. Easily the cheesiest pizzas in the city – maybe even the world.


Tagliatelle Bolognese
Ezra & Gil
With the likes of Dolmio and Ragu completely ruining pasta for us all – it’s always a breath of fresh air when somewhere actually does a proper, authentic and tasty bolognaise – and the team at Ezra & Gil have it all sewn up! Their dedicated Pasta Menu is already impressive, but with their May special – this Tagliatelle Bolognese – they’ve done us proud. Fresher and lighter than what you’d typically expect – with everything made in-house – it could easily be the best Bol you’ll ever have.


Steak Raclette Fries
Melt @ One Central
It’s been a week of some serious cheese-related food going in our big gobs, with this beauty from One Central down in Altrincham easily making it up there in the list of best things we’ve eaten over the last 7 days. Raclette cheese is always a winner, but when you add it to chips and then pop on rump steak and salsa verde – you’re in heaven. Pair with a few glasses of Frose and some sunshine.