The NEW 3-Course Italian Bottomless Brunch at Cibo

Cibo has launched two exclusive bottomless brunch menus at its new Great Northern site!

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 1 March 2022

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Whenever I think of bottomless brunch, the main thing that springs to mind is sourdough toast topped with poached eggs and avo, or a selection of French toast guzzled down with a mimosa, leading me to roll out of the restaurant half cut at 1 in the afternoon.

BUT, did you know that you can grab yourself an Italian version of the beloved binge-drinking past time over with the lovely lot at Cibo?! 

The restaurant is intending on breaking the breakfast-dish only narrative, as they’ve recently introduced a Bottomless Brunch menu exclusively at their Great Northern site! 

The deal consists of a three-course Italian meal and an enticing menu of cocktails to accompany the dishes, including a Mimosa, Mangiami, glass of Prosecco and a Bevimi, which you can enjoy an unlimited amount of!

The brunch is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 3pm (last seating at 3pm), and you’re sure to have more than enough to have you feeling very smug and probably very pissed. The perfect combination.

The restaurant is offering two different menus, the Original Bottomless Brunch (£45pp) and the Premium version (£60pp), both of which have some incredible, traditional Italian dishes to devour over a few drinks.

Original Bottomless Brunch

Firstly, the original menu has three starters to choose from. You’ve got the Brushcetta Al Pomodora, Calamari and the Arancini, melt in the mouth balls of plump rice mixed with mozzarella and butternut squash! YUM.

Choosing a main meal is going to be an arduous task, too, as the line-up is stunning. Prosciuotto E Funghi, Pollo Porcini, Risotto Funghi and Spaghetti Carbonara are all up for grabs. You’re gonna have a very difficult time.

Finally, the original menu’s dessert list features a Creme Brulee, a traditional Tiramisu and a Panna Cotta, full of a rich cream and vanilla infusion, slowly cooked and topped with a winter berry compote. A dish that will always have a special place in my heart. 

Premium Bottomless Brunch

If you’re celebrating something special, or just fancy treating yourself because you’re MINT, then the premium bottomless brunch option could be for you. 

To start, you can choose from La Burrata or Polpette, which is beef meatballs topped with a spicy tomato sauce and toasted bread, or the Capesante Gratinate, grilled scallops finished off with parmigiano. 

Moving onto the mains, you’ll find the classic Calzone, Salmon Adriatico, Ravioli Di Spinaci, and, BRACE YOURSELF the speciality Penne Reggiano dish. This is quite the show stopper, as the dish is set on fire inside a huge cheese wheel right in front of your eyes! It’s rich and creamy with hints of sage and truffle. Truly outstanding. 

You’ll find the same desserts available on the premium menu and both have the option of adding extra sides, including Pure Di Patate, Verdure and Zucchini, among many others, for an extra £4 each.

There’s a lot to be excited about here. Cibo have got a truly mouth watering selection of dishes for you to enjoy at their top tier bottomless brunch. Their Great Northern site is a great place to just enjoy a few drinks, too, with a huge selection of cocktails, draught beers and wine to quench every thirst! 


Italian Bottomless Brunch at Cibo
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 3pm

Original (£45pp)
Premium (£60pp)

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