The Ramsbottom Burger Joint with a new Brunch Menu of Waffles, Bagels & Quesadillas

The popular suburban country shop now does brunch!

By Alex Watson | 13 April 2021

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Frank’s Burger Shop is tucked away in Ramsbottom, about half an hour (in the light Covid traffic) from the city centre.

Originally a small plate organic restaurant offering one sitting to a 26-cover restaurant, the team behind Frank’s Burger Shop adapted like many others to Covid and lockdown.

With many people walking past the shop, it was a no brainer to kick things off with burgers. Easy to hold, eat and delicious when you get them done right.

Now, they’re switching things up and offering a brand new brunch menu featuring drool-worthy waffles and perfectly fried eggs.

The menu is available every Saturday and Sunday – perfect if you need a bit of naughty grub to get rid your hangover.

We popped down this week to see the new menu which includes four new smoothies (£3.95) packed full of all that good healthy stuff.

There is a beetroot and carrot-based one called Love Beet and two green-fuelled ones, Green Goddess and Ava Go Go. Plus my personal peach coloured favourite, High 5 featuring pineapple, mango, kiwi, strawberry and apple juice.

On the food menu, choose from Waffles topped with Chicken Tenders (£7.95) or Maple Glazed Bacon (£7.95) both served with maple syrup or honey sriracha.

There’s a whole range of brioche buns filled with the likes of Sausage Patty, Egg and Cheese (£5.45), Salmon, Egg and Hollandaise (£5.45) and Egg, Spinach and Hollandaise (£4.95).

If you fancy something a bit different you can opt for the Sweet Potato Quesadilla served ith guacamole for £7.65.

And what breakfast menu would be complete without a side of crunchy, crispy, heavenly fried hash browns?! You can get a portion of three for just £2.

The brunch menu is available from 8:30am on Saturday and from 9am on Sunday until 12:30pm both days.

Of course, their normal burgers are available from 3pm til 9pm too!

To order, simply drop them a DM on Instagram or a private message on Facebook with your order.

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