The Whalley Range takeaway serving the city's best Chicken Split

There’s likely to be a lot of debate about this one...

By Ben Brown | 11 August 2020

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This is usually how things go. I’m talking to someone, walking down the road, minding my own business when that person says something which makes me stop, double-take and utter the famous words; “WTF you on about?”

In this case it was around September last year when my wife proclaimed, whilst walking past Chicken Run on Yarburgh Street in Whalley Range – “that place there does THE BEST Chicken Split EVER“.

So many questions. First on my list was “What’s a Chicken Split?”, then “What makes it so good?” and finally “Why are we not eating one right now?!”

So, the answer to the first question is probably what you want to know the most – and it’s simple. A Chicken Split is basically a huge ‘Festival’ (a slightly sweet fried Jamaican dumpling) that’s stuffed with fried chicken and topped with salad cream. Very simple and doesn’t sound like much – but take my word for it – it is.

Chicken Run is renowned throughout the city for the quality of its Chicken Split, with people travelling from all over to get their hands on one. Is it worth the trip? Definitely.

The place itself is the best kind of ‘no-frills’ that you can expect, you pop in, the friendly staff ask you what you want and a few minutes later you’re presented with a thin plastic bag full of your freshly prepared delights. Give ’em some cash and get out of there so that someone else can get involved.

Meanwhile, find the nearest bench or park, sit down and enjoy. These things are big enough for anyone, but pair it with some chips or some spicy chicken wings and you’ll be full for about a day.

Of course, Chicken Run also serve up an impressive range of other Caribbean dishes, from Ackee & Saltfish, Oxtail, Curry Goat and even Cookdown Chicken – which many of you will recognise as Brown Stew Chicken, and just about one of the tastiest and heartiest things you’ll ever eat.

For me though it’s always about the Chicken Split and if there’s anywhere else in the city that you think does a better one – let me know in the comments and I’ll arrange for some form of competition.
But for the meantime – Chicken Run has the crown. Let’s see if anyone else wants a shot at the champ.


Chicken Run, 6 Yarburgh Street, Manchester M16 7FJ
0161 226 6714