Top Picks for a Vegan Winter at Alvarium

Inventive and impressive as ever, we're sharing our top picks of the latest menu at vegan restaurant, Alvarium.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 March 2020

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King Oyster Scallops
A revolutionary adaption to the seafood sees the use of King Oyster Mushrooms to create a vegan alternative that tricks your eye and your tastebuds. Using the stem of the mushrooms and serving on a bed of golden beetroot spaghetti, salty samphire and a sweet crunch from pomegranate seeds. There’s also a good dollop of an ingenious invention of beetroot and quinoa caviar on the side too.


Jack in Blanket
It’s pretty common knowledge that when people turn their backs on meat, bacon is the top spot for things most missed. Well, fear no more. Top of the list of Vegan Festive Plates available at Alvarium is Jack in Blanket (£9). The dense and fibrous fruit makes for a perfect alternative to meat with plenty of bite. Alvarium has created their own twist of pigs in blankets using the fruit and serving peppery braised red cabbage and papaya corn sauce.


Jackfruit Sandwich
It’s not Christmas without crackers and pâté so don’t miss out this year and treat yourself to this Jackfruit and Pâté Sandwich (£7). The second appearance of Jackfruit on the menu sees a delicious butty served on crunchy white bread with a date and orange pate, glazed red cabbage and lentil ragu to add a bite.


Caramelised Grilled Onion
Onion is incredibly underrated and, in fact, I think it should be placed up there as highly regarding as garlic is. As soon as you start sweating off some onions, everybody’s noses pick up and they wanna know what you’re cooking and it’s literally just a pan of onions. That’s how good they are. The good folk down at Alvarium, of course, know this too, creating an entire dish celebrating the humble vegetable. Serving a caramelised and grilled onion with white onion marmalade, dukkah a traditional Egyptian condiment and a tangy pickled cucumber garnish.

The NEW Winter Menu at Alvarium is available now. 



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