The Weekly Drool #022 – Deep-Fried Haggis at The Chippy on Burton Rd

It's Burns Week and The Chippy have made some seriously sexy looking Scottish treats!

By Ben Brown | January 21st '20

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Even though Irn Bru isn't the same any more, and eating anything deep-fried is severely frowned upon nowadays, there's no stopping me from tucking into a battered Mars Bar and sinking 6 vodka Irn Bru's on Burns Night. I'll even try to shoehorn some haggis in there too - because I love it so. Equally dedicated to the cause is The Chippy on Burton Road, as they've come up with a whole host of Scottish specials for week - with their DEEP-FRIED HAGGIS taking the championship Drool belt. As part of their Burns Night Dinner, the Haggis will be served alongside a mountain of chips and gravy and of course - an ice cold can of Irn Bru (or a mug of Highland Tea if you don't like the fizz). If you're not a meat eater though - don't worry - you're not going to miss out. They've also created a Vegan Deep-Fried 'Haggis', as well as a fried carrot and swede fritter. Finally, they're also offering the brilliant Deep-Fried Mars Bar which are A LOT nicer than they sound. A lot nicer. The Chippy on Burton Road’s Burns Night Specials will be available to dine in, take out and on Deliveroo from Thursday 23 January until Sunday 26th January only. ...........................