We've Found Manchester's BOOZIEST Advent Calendar

It's full of moonshine!

By Manchester's Finest | 26 October 2021

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We never had advent calendars when I was growing up. It just wasn’t a thing in our house.

But one year I remember that my sister and I both got one from one of me mam’s friends (who we had to call ‘Auntie’) and we got SO excited.

This excitement was quickly quashed on the 1st December however, when we discovered that behind the little door marked with a ‘1’ was a picture of a shepherd. No chocolate, no treat, no toy. Nothing.

Of course, nowadays they ALL have chocolates or something behind the little doors, but we’ve managed to find one that is about a million times better – an advent calendar filled with MOONSHINE!

It’s been created by O’Donnell Moonshine and comes in at £119 – which might sound a bit steep but let me tell you what’s inside it.

First of all you’ll find seventeen different sized jars of moonshine in there, in all of their flavours, including Tough Nut, Sticky Toffee, Macadamia, Roasted Apple and Wild Berry.

There’s also a (full sized) jar of their brand-new Christmas flavour – Cookie – in there, and it’s the ONLY way to get your hands on this particular flavour – it’s not available to buy on its own.

There’s also a ton of new merchandise, from socks to pin badges, candles and more. I don’t really want to spoil it all for you!

Finally, the advent calendar also features a voucher in there worth anything from £10 to £100 to spend on moonshine. All in all everything in there is worth at least £190.

So much better than just chocolates and infinitely better than a crappy little picture of a shepherd – this is easily Manchester’s booziest advent calendar.

The O’Donnell Moonshine Advent Calendar is available right now…

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