Where is Kool Runnings in Old Trafford?!

This proper Manc institution has gone missing - can you help?

By Ben Brown | 18 May 2021

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I heard some rather alarming news last week. Chorlton Road staple – Kool Runnings has gone missing and nobody knows what’s happened.

So, in these modern times and with the endless power and reach of social media, I thought I’d appeal to you, the good people of Manchester to see if we can track them down and get our beloved Kool Runnings back in Old Trafford.

To kick things off I went down the other day to see for myself whether they were there and, low and behold, nothing. The usual aromatic wonders of freshly grilled jerk chicken has been replaced by boring old plain air – with no sizzling and certainly no crowds of people patiently awaiting their food.

There’s one theory. This section of Chorlton Road is having roadworks done to it – new cycle lanes by the looks of it – so it may just be that Kool Runnings have been told to hold off for a few weeks until the works are done.

So, I sent them a message on Instagram and… again… nothing.

Where are they? Are they okay? Are they coming back?

Manchester – let’s find this all out. It’d be a massive shame if they weren’t there anymore – over the years they’ve become a vital hub of this end of Old Trafford, and if they’ve been moved on by the Council then I’ll get drawing up some signs for the inevitable picket at Town Hall.

Please Kool Runnings – don’t be gone for good.


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