The WORLD'S Most Feel Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

This Christmas Northern Soul Grilled Cheese has had tremendous support on the Christmas markets so owners, Dan and Lissie want to give back to a local family in need. 

By Manchester's Finest | 10 December 2018

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On Tuesday 11th December, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese will be donating EVERY SINGLE PENNY from the sale of their delicious Grilled Cheese sandwiches from their Albert Square site at the Manchester Christmas Markets to olliesarmy who are fighting Battens disease – a fatal genetic disease which damages cells causing the person to suffer progressive neurological impairment.

This disease is stripping Ollie (7) and his sister Amelia (5) of their right to live a normal life and distressingly the life expectancy is horrific. Because of widely varying genetic mutations, the arc of Batten disease can vary tremendously for each person.

Sadly, until more strides are made in research, treatments and cures, Batten results in an early death of our children and adults.

The amazing team down at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese will be serving the worlds most satisfying sandwiches right in the centre of the Christmas Markets on Tuesday the 11th December.

It’s not free, its not discounted nor does it come with any other incentive other than knowing every single penny of your hard earned money will not only get you a delicious lunch time treat, but also give you the most incredible warm feeling inside.

You will be helping a family have quality time not worrying about money, travel for treatment and many other challenges at what should be the most ‘wonderful time of the year.’ For the parents of Ollie and Amelia their special family know this is very hard and they handle everything with such grace, pride and determination but the worries on top of Ollie and Amelia must be horrendous.

So if you can, please make a conscious decision to help a total stranger by simply ordering your lunch, this Tuesday at Northern Soul, Albert Square, Manchester, and feel ‘grate’ for the rest of the day.

To read more about the disease, charity, and their story, please visit

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese Albert Square

Venue: Christmas Markets Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Albert Square
Date: 11th December
*Every single penny made will be donated to OlliesArmy*

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