30 and Out

- 53two

30 and Out
53two, Arch 19 Watson St, Manchester M3 4LP
Sat 27th May - Thu 8th Jun, 2023


30 and Out is a hilarious, sexy and painful portrayal of what it means to start life all over again. The show explores life as a lesbian and losing and regaining yourself, all while set against the backdrop of turning 30. Using touching interviews, projection and storytelling, 30 and Out is a memorable journey of the struggle that honours the complexity of queer identity. 

Written and performed by Kit Sinclair (Gigi Star, Applecart Arts; Awakening, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe; Aeroplanes, Resight Pictures), 30 and Out is produced by Rebecca Prentice (Mermaid, Theatre 503; Gigi Star, Applecart Arts; Driving with Tim, Prentice Productions).