Abnormal Sleepz + Friends: Live!

- YES (The Pink Room)

Abnormal Sleepz + Friends: Live!
YES (The Pink Room), 38 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB
Fri 18th Aug, 2023

from £10

Manchester rapper and producer Abnormal Sleepz is set to debut his new project, “GINO’S EP,” at a showcase performance in the Pink Room at YES on Friday 18th August.

The upcoming showcase provides a platform for him to share his most recent compositions, alongside a selection of his past works.

The event will also include performances from other Manchester-based musicians. One such artist is [ K S R ], recognised for his soulful melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Additionally, rising artist PrinceTheKid, a member of Manchester’s Y2 Camp, will contribute his unique style to the evening’s performance line-up.