- Albert Hall

Albert Hall, 27 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR
Sat 12th Aug, 2023
7:00pm - 10:00pm


Swans, the iconic American experimental rock band, was established in 1982 by multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist Michael Gira. Emerging from the New York City-based no wave scene, Swans are celebrated for their dynamic sound evolution, spanning genres from noise rock, post-punk, and industrial to post-rock, and recognised for their initial aural intensity. In 2010, Gira reformed Swans with a group of dedicated musicians, leading to global tours and the release of four critically acclaimed albums. This configuration concluded in 2017, following the final tour supporting their last album, The Glowing Man. Since 2019, Gira has been touring and recording with a variable ensemble of Swans contributors. The most recent album, Leaving Meaning, was released on October 25, 2019, continuing the tradition of releasing all Swans records through Gira’s label, Young God Records, since 1990. This album marks a significant transition, being the first since Gira’s decision to disband the 2010-2017 Swans lineup. The current iteration of Swans consists of a rotation of musicians selected for their unique musical and personal attributes, aligning with Gira’s vision of how his composed songs should be presented. This ensemble significantly influences the arrangement of the material, each contributing their unique personalities, skills, and tastes.

Music Genres: Rock | Post Rock | Experimental