A 12-Piece Orchestra Dedicated to Beyoncé’s Pioneering Career is Performing in Manchester this September

With the recent release of RENAISSANCE, Beyoncés first album in five years, The Blues Kitchen is hosting a one-off celebration of all her biggest hits…

By Emma Davidson | 12 August 2022

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The story of Beyoncé told by a 12-piece, classically trained orchestra is something not many people can say they’ve witnessed. 

On Thursday 15th September at Manchester’s bourbon, blues and soul destination, The Blues Kitchen, audiences will be treated to just that, as the Untold Orchestra takes over the venue performing Queen B’s biggest hits to date. 

There’s not many artists who can confidently say they’ve got a discography as pioneering as Beyoncé’s, with floorfillers such as ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Crazy In Love’ still dominating every late night karaoke bar to date and newest release RENAISSANCE has only reaffirmed the loyal love of her dedicated fans

The dance-centric album has birthed a new era for the singer-songwriter who has spanned genres including pop, hip hop, R&B, soul and now house – a mix of styles that wouldn’t usually be associated with a classically trained orchestra. 

The Untold Orchestra’s main aim is to re-define 21st century orchestras to strengthen communities, provide opportunities and collaborate with musicians and artists with a passion and love for the local scene. 

Through this, the collective is now embedded in Manchester’s musical legacy bringing positivity into venues and neighbourhoods they have visited over the years. The Untold Orchestra has developed shows that focus on artists who have impacted society, alongside collaborating with artists, communities and organisations to create meaningful art and creative workshops.

The Story of Beyoncé will put its own spin on the star’s extraordinary career in one of Manchester’s very best live music destinations. The Untold Orchestra also performs as part of the venue’s house band every Friday and Saturday night. 


The Story of Beyoncé

Date: Thursday 15th September
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Blues Kitchen
Price: £18.50

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