Black Lion Conspiracy Corner

Salford’s The Black Lion will be hosting a ‘Conspiracy Corner’, for the Jubilee complete with ‘lizard’ cakes & tin foil hats

By Lee Isherwood | 1 June 2012

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Salford’s creative pub The Black Lion will be hosting a ‘Conspiracy Corner’, complete with ‘lizard’ cakes, tin foil hats and the more questionable Prince Philip quotes posted on its walls.
Alongside its more traditional street-party celebrations being held at the pub, conspiracy corner will be dimly lit like a den, with punters invited to wear tin-foil hats and scary masks.

This more oddball event will be put on by Future Artists, a film studio based in the Salford pub.

“It’s light-hearted really. We wanted to represent an alternative Jubilee for people who want to do something away from the accepted norm,” said Mark Ashmore, director at Future Artists.

There will also be snippets from popular conspiracy theorist David Icke on its tables.

“We are of course making tea and cake and Pimms jugs along with barbeque food and are more usual celebrations at The Black Lion – it is called the People’s Party. But because it’s called the People’s Party, it needs to represent an alterative idea. We just thought Conspiracy Corner might be unique, and give space to that which which is different… the lizard cakes were just a funny addition. ”