Crepe City 2019: Europe’s biggest trainer festival comes to Manchester

Crepe City comes to Manchester, and no we’re not talking about delicious pancakes…

By Manchester's Finest | 5 April 2019

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Instead we’re talking about shoes, shoes everywhere. It’s Europe’s biggest trainer festival (yes it’s a thing) and it’s heading to Manchester for the first time on Saturday 4th May.

Although I can’t abide British people calling trainers ‘sneakers’, I’ll let it slide this once.

You know when you see those mad heads all queuing up for hours in winter in the Northern Quarter, it’s usually for a new shoe launch such as this, but there’ll be no queueing involved here as the enormous festival will be housed in Brickworks on Barton Square.

There will be around 2,000 shoes for sale on the day, including rare finds and limited editions and prices ranging from £20 – £3,500 so there’s something for everyone, regardless the size of your wallet.

Crepe City will also have loads of food stalls, clothing brands for sale, a dedicated shoe cleaning service, a barbershop and even a cinema!


Crepe City Sneaker Festival 2019

Venue: Brickworks
Date: Saturday 4th May
Time: 12pm – 5pm
Cost: £10 (£20 VIP)

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Brickworks, Manchester, M3 2BH