A Disney Inspired Karaoke Bottomless Brunch is Coming to Manchester!

This is not a drill, I repeat; this is not a drill… There is a festive karaoke bottomless brunch coming to Manchester this Christmas and it’s even more fantastic than you could possibly imagine.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 26 October 2018

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If Christmas in Manchester wasn’t already good enough with the arrival of the new Ice Village and the expansion of the Christmas markets, it’s set to get even more exciting with this latest venture. Karaoke, food and bottomless fizz – does it get better than that?

The event will be hosted at a secret location and will kick off 12pm with bottomless brunch and booze to start. So you better make sure to fill your boots because you’re going to need lots of energy for karaoke which is – wait for it – Disney inspired!

From 1.30pm – 5pm, the sing-a-long free-for-all will take place, inviting all guests to take part for the chance to win one of their amazing 3 prizes.

For all of you Whitney-wannabes (me), there will be a prize for best song. Now, while most people believe karaoke is for people who can’t sing, this one encourages people to flaunt their talents by taking to the stage and belting it out.

Even if you can sing but suffer from stage fright, you’ll be pissed by the time your turn comes around, so you won’t even be arsed. Winning!

On the other end of the scale, there will also be a prize for the worst song which, I imagine, will have more contenders than the first. But hey, any event that celebrates sounding like a dead cat is an event I can get fully on-board with.

If you weren’t already wetting yourself with excitement, the dress code is Christmas or Disney themed, so you’re going to have to fix-up and look-sharp if you want to be in with a chance to win their third and final prize for best dressed.

Let’s just clear something up: you can’t just rock up wearing a tiara on and glitter on your face and expect to bag the prize. There’s going to be an official judging panel, so you know people are going to be taking this shit seriously!

Seriously, I attended the Disney karaoke event last year and saw a grown man dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. It was genius.

The Brunch Karaoke Club Xmas Special
Saturday 15th December
Admission + Glass of Bubbles: £29.99
Full Bottomless Brunch Package: £49.99

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