Find your 'Ikigai' for a Long and Happy Life at 33 Oldham Street

33 Oldham Street is hosting an exclusive evening with Francesc Miralles, author of the internationally bestselling guide to Ikigai, as he explores the Japanese secret to a long and happy life on Tuesday 11th December from 6pm onwards.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 7 December 2018

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The premise of 33 Oldham Street was to create a venue inspired by Tokyo in the 1950s, where people would gather in one location with an amazing sound system and listen to records imported from America and further afield, and this is how they would listen to imported music.

The exclusive evening will see Miralles guide the audience on a journey to discovering what you Ikigai is, and how to find it in the time for the annual New Year’s resolution rituals. Ikigai translates as ‘a reason to live‘ or ‘a reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

Its a place where your needs, desires, ambitions and satisfactions meet: a point of perfect balance and perfect fulfilment.

The term Ikigai originates from Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate and home to one of the highest percentages of centurions in the world. The Ikigai treasure map has four directions:

1.Do what you love
2.Do what you are good at
3.Do what the world needs
4.Do what you can be rewarded for

People adopting this type of lifestyle are not just doing “a job” but also focus on their “work”, the real question is, why are they doing there job? Primarily responding to these questions: know what you want to do, know what you love to do Know what you’re good at.

Miralles will be supported by local DJ, Tom Houghton, who runs the online based select record store, as an ex Tokyo resident, Houghton is well in touch with the cities music scene, and has played regular shows at some of its finest listening spaces, including Onobo, and Orbit Sangenjaya. He’ll be delving into the deepest corners of his collection for his occasion and presenting some of the best Japanese music, both known and unknown.

Leave stress and urgency behind, and throw yourself into finding your purpose, nurturing your friendships, and pursuing your passions as we head into 2019.


Find your Ikigai with Francesc Miralles

Venue: 33 Oldham Street
Date: Tuesday 11th December
Cost: Free

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33 Oldham St Manchester M1 1JG