Manchester Talks: What's coming up this May & June?

There's a massive range of subjects coming up with the fantastic Manchester Talks. From cannibal killers to sex fetishes - there's something for everyone! Oh and The Manchester Pizza Crawl...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 4 May 2018

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Born To Kill
Paul Harrison

Forget Criminology, or Academic data set and guesswork. This is the reality of what makes serial killers commit the heinous crimes they did.

From cradle to grave, gain an understanding of how they started to kill, why they continued to do so and why they are so different. No single authority has been able to determine why serial killers kill. This, potentially, is the closest we will ever come to understanding the drivers and triggers.

These are the killers themselves explaining what makes them tick. What planning and preparation takes place, leading to the execution of the murder itself? Different murder types, different motives and different geographic locations. Are serial killers, born or nurtured, are they mad, bad or sad?

Wednesday 2nd May – £15pp

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The Manchester Pizza Crawl

A pizza crawl is like a pub crawl, but instead of pubs, you will be heading to the very best pizza parlours the city has to offer. For this very unique event, like-minded pizza lovers will come together to experience some of the finest and most exquisite pizzas in Manchester.

Your ticket will grant you a slice at Manchester’s best pizza venues, sampling their signature pizzas which have been carefully selected by the venues to flaunt their style.

The Pizzas will be a mix of meat and veggies with a vegan option available.

Tuesday 8th May – £15pp

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The Original Cannibal Killer
Paul Harrison

One of the first British policemen to work closely with the FBI Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia, Paul has interviewed over 70 of the world’s worst serial killers and mass murderers to gain insight into their psyche.

Join Paul on this truly eye-opening and entertaining talk, relaying the conversations he has with real life cannibals, learn what drove them to eat human flesh, before, or after a kill. Learn what it was that triggered these people to defile fellow human beings in such a vile manner. Andrei Chikatilo, Denis Nilsen, Jeffrey Dahmer, Peter Bryan. Plus many more…Not for the faint hearted or squeamish.

Tuesday 8th May – £15pp

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Homo Sapiens: Our Evolution & Ancestors
Nikhil Chaudhary

For more than 90% of our species’ evolutionary history we lived as hunter-gatherers. Whilst such tribal populations are often caricatured as uncivilised violent nymphomaniacs, this could not be further from the truth.

In this talk Nikhil will outline how our ancestors lived, detailing their daily routine, social and love lives and religious/political beliefs. Drawing on his experiences of living in the rainforest for eight months with BaYaka Pygmy hunter-gatherers to demonstrate just how egalitarian and collectivist these societies are, and how much we can learn from them.

He will also look at how important the shift towards a hunting and gathering lifestyle was in our evolution. This way of life lay the foundation for the evolution of so many human qualities including our big brains, cultural diversity, prosocial nature and technological progress.

Sunday 13th May – £12pp

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Psychology of Fetishes
Colin Richards

Colin is a nationally acclaimed Sex Engineer & Relationship Therapist based in London, and this talk will look into the whole psychology of sexual fetishes.

Does leather do it for you or maybe you are into latex? Are you considering a group encounter or maybe you like to dress up? Some like rope some like silk, others may prefer vanilla but then some like it spicy as well.

With a book that contains over one thousand different sexual fantasies and fetishes, Colin will examine how some are quite simple, some are more complex and adventurous, some are just downright bizarre but all will have a motivation at their core.

In this talk Colin will explain his theories on what makes each of us have a sexual fantasy or fetish. We are not born with them so something must influence us to develop them and there must be a reason why we want to experience them. This talk briefly explores the possible biological, psychological and anthropological motivations that could be at the root of our sexual and emotional imaginations and behaviours.

Tuesday 15th May – £12

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Black Tudors: Three Untold Stories
Miranda Kaufmann

Historian Dr. Miranda Kaufmann tells the intriguing tales of three Africans living in Tudor England – a diver employed by Henry VIII to recover guns from the wreck of the Mary Rose, a Moroccan woman baptized in Elizabethan London and a porter who whipped a fellow servant at their master’s Gloucestershire manor house.

Their stories shed light on key questions: how did they come to England? What were their lives like? How were they treated by the church and the law? Most importantly: were they free?

Wednesday 23rd May – £12

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Macaron Masterclass

In this Macaron Masterclass you will learn how to create and bake your own macarons from scratch and take home your delicious creations.

The workshop will begin as you watch how to make a successful, scrumptious batch of macaron batter by hand. You will then make your own macarons and bake them, finishing the creative process by filling your macarons with a selection of buttercream and ganache. Once your macarons are hot out of the oven, you’ll be able to decorate them to your liking!

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, learn tips and techniques, and of course, take lots of macarons home!

Saturday 26th May – £48pp

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The Murder I Never Committed
Tom Bradley

Corruption in Asia is an epidemic at a huge scale. In the Last 12 months, just under a third of people who have come into contact with a police officer have had to pay bribes. Money can buy you anything in Asia for the right price, a situation Tom Bradley unexpectedly found himself in.

Tom was starting a new chapter and a journey of a life time, seeking a new life working less and living more. Unfortunately for Tom, he found himself in the midst of a huge corruption scandal, being convicted for murder, fraud and other offences he never committed. Tom tells the tale of a darker side to the beautiful travel destination that so many brits seek to explore.

Monday 11th June – £12pp

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The Secret Life of a Show Girl
Laura Lamn

Laura Lamn is a Guiness World Record holding hula hooper, professional roller-skater, singer and poet. She has travelled the world performing and dedicated herself to a life as an entertainer. In this talk Laura will tell her story of how she went from being a girl in a small village with a dream, to being paid to be official entertainment at the 2012 Olympics and having her song signed to Warner Brother Records in America.

Being a showgirl requires a whole new set of skills that they don’t teach in school, that can help anyone in life. These include; self-motivation, flexibility, organisation, confidence, self-belief and focus.

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a showgirl? Do you harbour secret dreams of being a performer? Then come and get inspired by the world of Laura Lamn.

Tuesday 12th June – £12pp

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