Robocop Fashion Police

A new robot to take over the fashion ecommerce world that will "try on" clothes for you.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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Post by Princess Retail.

So I have just heard that there is a new robot about to take over our fashion ecommerce world that will “try on” clothes for you.

With Personal Shoppers, Online Shopping, Iphone Shopping Apps and much more, why is it people are trying to take the joy away from the shopping experience? I love love love what online shopping has done for me with sites such as, my, net a porter; as it gives you the opportunity to shop whilst in work and they have definitely saved my skin when a last minute outfit is needed on next day delivery, for a last minute night out with the Princesses. However there is nothing I love more than buying a gorgeous item of clothing and then donning the bag around town. There has been many an occassion I have carried a Tiffany bag into a restaurant following a naughty purchase and felt the pride grow inside me, as other women look on with the thought in their minds “oooh what has she bought?”. And I love the changing room ritual me and the Princesses have on a shopping trip- laughing at each others bad choice from the rails or complimenting on how gorgeous it will look that evening.

I can see the attraction with the Robo- “try it on for you” plan, it will come in handy when Im having a “fat day”; however where will this take the shopping experience in the future? Just a thought and curious to any other inventions that will be coming out in the future for the shopping experience?…

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