See ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort in Manchester this May

See the Wolf. BE The Wolf. Etc.

Anyone who has seen the Martin Scorsese movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ will know who Jordan Belfort is.

Anyone who likes to buy GQ on a week and fawn over the pictures of expensive watches and cars will know who Jordan Belfort is.

Anyone who lost a shit ton of money in the early 90’s due to dodgy share schemes will know who Jordan Belfort is.

So I think we’ve established that most people know who Jordan Belfort is. He’s that guy who Di Caprio played in the movie. The one who was shagging Margot Robbie (although not in real life). The one who loved to throw midgets around his office and was smashing the Quaaludes like a mad head.

Well, after doing a serious bit of bird and writing his memoir ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Jordan has done a Fletcher and gone straight, touring the world as a motivational speaker and letting people know how they can make millions and improve their lives the legal way.

This Sunday 5th May he will be heading to the Bridgewater Hall to talk about his life, experiences and all the ways in which you can improve your own existence (and presumably your bank balance).

There’s a range of packages available for the day; from the bog standard “I gotta seat” to a super-duper expensive “I got to spend a weekend with Jordan, met his parents and helped him with his grouting”.


The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort

Venue: Bridgewater Hall
Date: Sunday 5th May
Time: 2:00pm
Cost: From £36

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